Product Name:Smart electro-chromic anti-dazzling” EC interior mirrors

Product Parameter:

Testing items

Testing indicators


Operating voltage

Direct current 0-1.25V


Steady current



Max current



Operating temperature



Storage temperature



Low reflectivity @DC1.25V



Changing time of reflectivity (55%-10%)

≤3s (DC1.2V)

Testing temperature25±2℃

Changing time of reflectivity (10%-55%)


Testing temperature25±2℃

Skew ratio



High reflectivity &transparency rate @DV0V

1.reflectivity≥70%, transparency rate=0-1%


2.reflectivity≥65%, transparency rate=5-7%

3.reflectivity≥57%, transparency rate=17-20%

Service life of electro-chromic

Put EC lenses into set 20℃thermostat conduct 5000 cycles under -20, conduct 7000 circulation under room temperature, do 30000 circulation under 50℃ and 95% humidity, do 50 000 circulation under 50

The definition of a cycle: power on for 10s (1.25V direct current) and power off for 20s

Thermal shock test

No more than 2 minutes when transfer from -40℃ refrigerator to 85℃ oven: repeat 500 times circulations. And no current is allowed in circulation. Put EC lenses under the home temperature before take them out

The definition of a circulation:85℃ for an hour and -45℃ for an hour